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GLOW Vape Pen Pink Essential Oil Vanilla Infused 100% Recyclable Vape With Nicotine Slim

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

GLOW Vitamin vaporizers are easy to use. Simply open and enjoy. No filling or charging every required. The LED tip will glow when activated by inhaling.
Each GLOW vitamin vape pen lasts for approximately 800 activation's and is 100% recyclable.
GLOW vitamin vape pen is the genuine vitamin vaporizer. Time to inhale your vitamins!
Some GLOW pens contains ZERO nicotine, tar, and smoke but just refreshing vapors created from natural flavors and vitamins.
GLOW vitamin vaporizers are designed and crafted using the highest grade natural ingredients approved by our team of specialists and to industry standards.
COMPACT & EASY TO USE - Small as a writing pen, GLOW can easily fit in your pocket and requires no setup/no button - just inhale from the tip end and light flavored vapor emits in comfortable, small amounts.
  • GLOW's high gloss sleek design and fun packaging makes it very fun to use and with it's colorful gift box, perfect for gift giving!
  • B12: Raspberry + B12+ Folic Acid + Vitamin C
  • Relax: Natural plant essential oil + oryzanol + vitamin B1
  • Sleep: Melatonin + theanine + grape extract + chamomile
  • Vanilla -- Vanilla essential oil + nicotine
  •  1.5ml capacity with 380 mah battery
Vitamin Vaporizers and their possible effects have been situated by many, however much are still unknown.
To reduce any risk associated with vaporizer use, we have chosen to eliminate nicotine and artificial ingredients from most our products.
We have chosen to use work with certified constituents and natural components from the highest quality grade.
GLOW vitamin vaporizer should only be used by adults and in permitted locations.
Avoid using while pregnant.
Keep out of reach of children/pets and always consult your doctor before considering long-term habit changes.


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