Heat Press

This Digital Swing-arm Heat Press applies transfers onto many flat surfaced items, such as fabric, metal, wood, ceramic & glass. Create your own custom t-shirts, mouse pads, tote-bags, license plates, and many other unique & fun items.

This Swing-away design is an improvement over clamshell designs, as pressure is directed straight down and is therefore more evenly applied; this improves the quality of the finished transfers.

Full 360-degree rotation of swing arm allows the heating element to be moved safely aside, reducing the chances of accidental contact.

Digital LCD timer and temperature control make setting more accurate. The digital timer control is adjustable up to 999 seconds. Initial temperature setting range: 93-254℃. Highest temperature setting range: 200-450℉. 

Product parameters

Initial Temperature Range (℃): 93-254℃

Highest Temperature Range (℉): 200-450℉

Timer control: 0 - 999 seconds

Adjustable height: 13 1/2" to 17"

Wattage: 1250W

Power input: 110V or 220V

Cord length: 4.5'

Dimension (w/ platen press): 15 1/4"L x 15"W x 17"H

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